In Love and In Business

Why starting a business as a couple could be a minefield or a gold mine.

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Loving each other and living together are very different from working together.

You’ve developed a loving relationship and you’ve learned how to navigate life together. You’ve gone through challenges — even crises — and you’ve worked through them together and, hopefully, overcome them.

Running a business together accentuates personality differences.

That wonderful truism, “opposites attract,” is the bedrock of many marriages. It also works in running a business together, but only up to a point. In our case, Sharon was cool, methodical and pragmatic while I could be hot, visionary and emotional. Still, as a couple, we complemented each other well. While we had completely different ways of working, our compatibility as a couple contributed to our compatibility as business partners.

Your past experience will really come in handy.

The many facets of your life, both business and personal, need to converge so you can put your life skills, business skills, talents and energy to work in your own business. Take everything you learned from your past work experience — both the failures and successes — and apply it. Put that intelligence to good use in your new business.

A shared passion is essential.

Whatever you decide to do together, it’s a lot more enjoyable if you share a passion. In our case, Sharon and I shared a passion for animals. Sharon’s love for dogs led to her changing her career and becoming a professional dog groomer. My love for dogs led to my starting a dog blog. Our shared passion was the basis for the business we started.

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